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First, the sales engineer

A university degree or above, good verbal and interpersonal skills
Contact customers, keep track of customers, maintaining customer and make the archive work;
6. Be able to use Photoshop and other image processing software for simple image processing. And uploaded to the site.
7 Proficiency in Word, Excel and other office productivity software to make the relevant statements and documentation.
Style of attitude is correct, hard work, do not complain, with good psychological quality, team spirit, those who change jobs frequently do not resume
An electronics industry for more than six months experience is preferred (may be considered outstanding college graduates)

Salary: basic salary commission

Second, the power engineers

One with the power more than 2 years experience in design and development;
Familiar with the switching power supply works with DC / DC or AC / DC switching power supply for more than two years development and design work experience, independent of switching power supply design and development work; familiar with Protel, Auto CAD and other design software.
3 in-depth understanding of the power supply design knowledge, familiar with the power chip product features, the selection of power devices.
4 power project design and design management experience is preferred.
(5) working attitude, enthusiasm and optimistic personality, and positive.

Salary is negotiable!